Science meets yoga.


Tri Brain Yoga®

is an educational and experiential curriculum that is relevant to all yoga disciplines. Designed to inform yoga instructors and enthusiasts of the most recent evidence-based neuroscience of the head, heart, and gut brains, Tri Brain Yoga® supports the ancient wisdom and power of yoga as a tool to enhance human performance through the alignment and integration of these three neural networks of intelligence.


Tri Brain Yoga® Offerings


Tri Brain Yoga® Teacher Certification

A Yoga Instructor Continuing Education Practicum for 200 hr.+ level teachers.

Tri Brain Yoga® Certification is designed for experienced Yoga Instructors who are interested in professional and personal development. This training is an in-depth program that will inform you about the most recent evidence-based neuroscience of our three brains; head, heart, and gut and how yoga serves as a powerful tool to align and integrate these three neural networks. The 16-hr. training is not only fascinating but engaging, and evidence based. And, its Yoga Alliance approved! Becoming Tri Brain Yoga® certified provides yoga instructors the opportunity to offer Tri Brain Yoga® flow series in their practice and studio as well as access to the Tri Brain Yoga® trademark and other marketing support.

Introduction to Tri Brain Yoga®

Created as an exclusive educational component for a 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training Program.

This introduction to the most recent neuroscience our three brains; head, heart, and gut, demonstrates how yoga serves as a powerful tool to influence and integrate our neural networks. Yoga students will be intrigued to learn the foundations of how the cognitive, heart and gut brains function and how alignment and integration of these three brains, through the practice of yoga, serves to benefit yoga practitioners.

Our introduction is delivered in a 1.5 hr. format and can be modified to meet the needs of the program agenda.


Tri Brain Yoga® Workshops | Events | Retreats

Designed for Yoga Enthusiasts and Yoga Instructors as an educational and experiential event.

Knowledge, as a precursor has been shown to enhance the experience, making it more effective. Our Tri Brain Yoga® Workshops, Events, and Retreats deliver the most recent evidence-based neuroscience of our three brains; head, heart, and gut with the experience of yoga and sound healing. The content has been developed in an engaging format so that participants can discover, understand and implement this information into their yoga practice and daily life.

Tri Brain Yoga® Class

Offered by a certified Tri Brain Yoga Instructor as a private or group experience.

This class integrates the neuroscience supporting the ancient wisdom of yoga with the breath and movement of yoga. Sound healing is offered and class is facilitated by a certified Tri Brain Yoga® Instructor.


Upcoming & Past Events


Bring TriBrain Yoga™ to Your Studio 

Want to host a TriBrain Yoga™ workshop in your studio? Learn more about our certification process and how to offer TriBrain Yoga to your clients.