Did you know that you have 3 brains?  

When Your Head, Heart and Intuitive Intelligences Are In Alignment, So Is Your Life.

Tri Brain Yoga® integrates the most recent neuroscience discoveries with education, yoga poses, breath and meditation resulting in a powerful and effective yoga flow designed to align and integrate head, heart and intuitive neural networks . Neuroscience findings have identified that when you align and integrate these three intelligences you gain a distinct advantage in your decision making, action taking, relationships and personal fulfillment. 

Meet the Founder


Elizabeth Markie
Author & Instructor, Founder, WeImagine, Inc.  

Elizabeth Markie is dedicated to supporting others in exploring and expanding their understanding of self.  She excels at delivering the most recent neuroscience and discoveries about our 3 brains, yes 3, Head, Heart and Gut, in a way that is engaging and easy to comprehend.  Yoga is a powerful tool to enhance your ability to access, integrate and align these intellegences and expand your well-being, health and happiness. Elizabeth, a neuroscience junky and founder of WeImagine, Inc., is certified as a Brain based and Brain Health Coach, and in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership. She is also a Heartmath™ Certified Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor. 


It’s Okay to Follow Your Heart, but Bring Your Brain With You.


Samantha Stewart is our Tri Brain Yoga® West Coast Partner.  Having studied the scientific research of the three brains; head, heart, and gut, Samantha has a passion for incorporating this knowledge into Yoga practice in order to enhance self-awareness and quality of life.  She is a Certified Hatha and Aerial Yoga Instructor and she serves full time in the military where she expands her yoga, mindfulness, and resiliency teachings to Veterans. 


Tri Brain Yoga® offers

Yoga Teachers and individuals an opportunity to learn and apply neuroscience  to a yoga flow that is designed to open and align head, heart and gut (intuitive) neural systems. 

We’re dedicated to making Tri Brain Yoga® available to everyone. We teach private lessons, group classes and scheduled workshops though out the year in a variety of locations.  If your yoga studio or place of business is interested in hosting a workshop we would be delighted to expand our offering to your location.