Learn how yoga changes the brain.

Neuroscience findings have identified that when you integrate and align your head, heart, and gut, brain, you gain a distinct advantage in decision making, action taking and personal fulfillment. 


Tap into your full intelligence. 

Tri Brain Yoga® Certification is designed for Yoga Instructors who are interested in learning the science of how yoga influences our 3 brains; Head, Heart and Gut. If you are dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga, Tri Brain Yoga Certification will empower you to transform how your audience thinks about and experiences the benefits of yoga.  Our 16 hr. training is not only fascinating but engaging, and evidence based . And, its Yoga Alliance approved!  

Becoming Tri Brain Yoga certified provides yoga instructors the opportunity to offer Tri Brain Yoga flow series in their practice and studio as well as use of the Tri Brain Yoga trademark and other marketing support.

By completing the Tri Brain Yoga® Teacher Training program you can expect to experience this…. and more:

Level One Certification

  • Graduate with a Level One Tri Brain Yoga® Certification and gain Yoga Alliance continuing education credit. You will be able to conduct Tri Brain Yoga® Classes for public or private classes. 
  • Learn how to apply neuroscience to your life and to your yoga practice.
  • Gain unique insight about how your audience (and you) think, feel and behave.
  • Learn evidence-based neuroscience findings about our three brains; Head, Heart and Gut.
  • Learn about neuroplasticity, rewiring the brain, thinking, emotion, attention, habit, stress, building resilience and three brain health.
  • Understand how yoga affects the brain, promotes neuroplasticity, slows brain aging, balances the autonomic nervous system and impacts three brain function and integration.
  • Incorporate HeartMath® resilience techniques into your teaching and practice.
  • Learn and practice simple ways to explain the three brains to others.
  • Integrate this knowledge into a yoga flow that allows you to share the evidence-based science with others and expand their experience and enhance their self-knowledge and personal growth.
  • You will qualify for access to Tri Brain Yoga® Certified trademark and marketing support. 
  • Qualify to attend Tri Brain Yoga® level two. 
  • Qualify to be considered to facilitate Tri Brain Yoga® Workshops. 

Level Two Advanced Diploma: Designed for Level 1 Tri Brain Yoga® graduates desiring to enhance Tri Brain Yoga® themes and sequencing for three brain alignment and integration.  Launching in 2018.  

Facilitator License: Offered for a select number of certified Tri Brain Yoga® Instructors interested in facilitating or hosting Tri Brain Yoga® Workshops. Inquire directly with Elizabeth Markie. 



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